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Calculus Questions: Beyonce, Mad Libs and Haunted Houses

I've been keeping a running list of the questions I wrote this semester that made me the happiest. I thought maybe someone would enjoy seeing and/or using them. Right now, there are questions on modeling growth with exponential functions, derivatives and rates of change, limits and continuity. A few highlights:

  • a question about Beyonce's album releases,

  • one on a trip to a haunted house that you now regret, and

  • two questions in the style of mad libs.

I haven't officially taken a survey, but my money's on Beyonce's question being the most popular of these with our calc students this semester!

You can look at the questions below! Here's a pdf and tex if you decide you'd like to use any of them.

If you enjoyed these, I have some more things I've written while teaching:


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