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Service + Activities

This page is for service and activities in the broadest sense; anything that doesn't quite fit under research or teaching, you can find it here. That includes baking.

If I am taking on a new service or activity, it has to bring me joy or serve the math community in a way that I think is positive. If I don't feel certain of either of those things, then I won't be taking part.

Why? Math is political. If it wasn't, then I could do math in peace as a Black Bahamian woman. Instead I spend so many invisible hours trying to find and build math community to be a part of.  I love the idea of having a math community that I don't have to beg to be treated as an equal in. I want my energy to be put toward fulfilling that goal for me and for others.


A Black Mathematical History

A documentary review for Nature

Mathematically Gifted and Black Honoree

A profile for Black History Month

Meet a Mathematician

A video interview

A Call to Defend Bodily Autonomy in the Math Community

A co-written letter to the editor in the AMS notices


Featured in Modern Mathematics Confronts

its White, Patriarchal Past

An article in Scientific American


Who will celebrate you? 

Post written for AMS inclusion/exclusion blog


An episode of the podcast Relatively Prime 

Hosted with Michole Enjoli

The First Black in Math Twitter Event

MAA Math Values Blog

Authored with Omayra Ortega

Featured in Baked with Love

Black Girl MATHgic's February 2021 box


Current-ish Activities

Big Ideas In Dynamics: An AIM Research Community for Graduate Students in Dynamics launched in February 2023! It's co-organized by Benjamin Call and myself. It focuses on collaborative learning among graduate students in dynamical systems, specifically smooth dynamics, ergodic theory, and homogeneous dynamics. We hope to build connections across institutions, and strengthen the reading, research, and collaboration skills of current and recent graduate students.


Roots of Unity Mentor (June 2024)

A Word Problem, A special session at Science Writers, co-organized with
Sam Hansen, Kenna Hughes-Castleberry, and Sadie Witkowski (September 2023)

Big Ideas in Dynamics

Organizations to Pay Attention To

Mathematically Gifted and Black

Features the accomplishments of Black mathematicians

Indigenous Mathematicians

A website highlighting the work of Indigenous mathematicians


(Latinxs and Hispanics in the Mathematical Sciences)


The association for LGBT mathematicians

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