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Back to Baking, Back to Life

Like lots of people, I did a lot fo quarantine baking right at the very beginning. March and April? Full of recipes that I have yet to post here. This isn't quite a post about recipes, but rather a post about my not baking after April. I BAKED NOTHING.

I graduated, lived with family friends, moved cross country alone and started a new job - all tough during a regular year and super tough during a pandemic. So I wasn't baking. I wasn't really cooking. I wasn't doing any math. I was doing literally my job and keeping my head above water.

I've spent the last 6 weeks with family and had a little time to catch my breath. I hadn't seen anyone since March, and so I flew to the Bahamas and hunkered down with my parents, my sister, and my nieces. While I was there, I finally baked again. Me and my mummy made bread! (pictures below)

You may have noticed that there are no bread recipes on here. That's because none of the times I've made it have worked out until now! I don't know what it is about bread - I clearly needed some guidance. Here's hoping I'll try this again soon and post the recipe.

I want to get back to baking and posting, starting with the recipes of the things I made back in March.

Back to baking, back to life.


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