a bit about me:

I'm Noelle, a sixth year graduate student at Wesleyan University. My main areas of research are dynamics and geometry. My advisor is David Constantine. When I'm not doing math, chances are that you'll find me baking, reading, or dreaming up new things to try when I'm teaching. 

This summer, I'm co-organizing Dynamics Students Workshop June 1-5 at the University of Michigan with Sarah Koch and Becca Winarski.

I'm on the job market this year. Here's my CV.


In the fall 2019 semester, I taught Math 119: Elements of Calculus, Part I. This class is intended for students who have not previously taken calculus. 

I am also on the directed reading program committee at Wesleyan. This semester, we're implementing a few new things, such as having students self report the time they spend as well as adding more opportunities for students to provide feedback.

Fall 2018 was the first semester of the directed reading program at Wesleyan. I wrote some thoughts about it here. In spring 2019, I worked with a student. We did an introductory survey of discrete geometry. There are more details on what we talked about here.

In the past, I have

  • helped to create material and plan a new calculus sequence at Wesleyan

  • taught calculus courses

  • been a teaching assistant for various Wesleyan math courses

  • taught a seventh grade math class for several summers

  • been the TA for a math course run by the Wesleyan Center for Prison Education

  • been the head supplemental instruction leader at Vassar College


See details in my CV



My research is in dynamics and geometry. I'm currently thinking a lot about marked length spectrum rigidity results. I will be giving a talk on my work in progress in January at the Joint Math Meetings in Denver in a Special Session on Fractal Geometry, Dynamics and Applications. I will also be presenting a poster on some of my other work at the AWM Poster Session.

A link to the special session is here

 with my abstract here. 

I'm working on a project with Ben Call, Dave Constantine, Alena Erchenko, and Grace Work. The project came out of an AIM workshop on equilibrium 

states for dynamics arising from geometry that we attended.




Editorial Board, National Association of Mathematicians Newsletter,

August 2019 - Present

Co-organizer, Graduate Student Seminar, Wesleyan University,

January 2019 - Present

Vice President, AWM Grad Student Chapter, Wesleyan University,

September 2018 - Present

Vice President, AMS Grad Student Chapter, Wesleyan University,

September 2017 - July 2019

Member, MAD Pages Editorial Board, National Association of Mathematicians,

June 2018 - January 2019


Panelist, Graduate Life After Vassar by LAVA and AWM, Vassar College,

September 2018

In the 2018/2019 academic year, I worked on the pilot of Wesleyan's Directed Reading Program. Each grad student involved is worked one-on-one with an undergraduate student in the style of a reading course. If you would like to learn more about DRP, the website for the DRP network is here, with Wesleyan's DRP website here.


I'm passionate about finding more ways to make sure that underrepresented students are welcomed and supported on their math journey. If you have ideas or would like to work on something together, please contact me.






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