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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

I'm Noelle, a mathematician and casual baker. Those aren't the only things that I do, but they do take up a lot of my time. I plan for this website to be an accurate reflection of that. You'll be seeing what's happening on my desk and in my kitchen.

A lot of what happens on my desk will be dynamics and geometry. At least I think a lot of it will be. Sometimes there will be fun teaching ideas, or worksheets. Maybe there will be many ideas and thoughts I've had from talking to mathematicians around me. In my kitchen will be mostly baked goods. Who knows what other recipes I'll find, though? Like math, baking can be a lot of trial and error, so I may also be telling you what I learned not to do in the kitchen that day.

Outside of math and baking, I'm an avid lover of large cups of tea, teaching, my family, conch, history, and books. Those things might not appear super often here, but I'm willing to talk about them at any time.

My lovely sister Larissa built me this website because she's amazing.

Check out what's on my bookstand if you'd like an idea of the sorts of math things I'm reading and thinking about! Again, welcome.


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